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Kangaroo scrotum pouches are made from the scrotum of male kangaroo, and it's said to be very lucky; all those in possession of one is assured of a long life, happiness and healthy children.

Kangaroo scrotum pouches are unusual sentimental little gifts. Due to its uniqueness they are remembered for a long time.

It's a practical little thing to store jewelry, a cute bag for coins or small items. In Gold Rush time it was a popular bag to store the gold sand.

Scrotum pouch is a great sign to attract an opposite gender. Just place it on your car mirror

Kangaroo scrotum legend says ...

Cute scrotum pouch on a card
Cute scrotum
Scrotum in a box
Scrotum in a box

Small cute scrotum pouch
average size 8cm / 3.2 inch
small scrotum - big surprise
Card with two scrotum legends attached. Pen isn't included
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Medium size scrotum pouch
average size 11cm / 4.2 inch
normal scrotum is most popular size
Card with two scrotum legends attached, but pen isn't included
medium scrotum more options

Large scrotum pouch is a rare item
average size 12.5cm / 5 inch
big scrotum - big results
Card with two scrotum legends attached, but pen isn't included
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Golf ball scrotum pouch
with a wide neck
Hard-to-find gift item.
Size is about the same as Large pouch,
but the wide neck lets the golf ball in and out
large scrotum is extremely rare
Packed in a plastic bag with Australian coin and a small card with two scrotum legends. Pen and ball aren't included.
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Scrotum coin purse - The Bestseller
coin scrotum for your pocket
Handcrafted in Australia
Packed in a plastic bag with Australian coin and a small card with two scrotum legends. Pen isn't included.
Small coin purse
 approx. 7 cm/ 2 3/4" wide
Big coin purse
 approx. 9 cm/ 3 3/4" wide
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Not embossed, blank pouchesCollectable Pouches

Not embossed, laced pouches

Not embossed, not laced pouches
Collectable Pouches
This is a new section of our shop - unusual sexy shaped kangaroo scrotum pouches.
They are truly unique and all are different. W-shape pouches are found at 1 in 10'000 ratio.
The pouches we offer were collected by our factory during the last five years and we only have about fifty of them on offer
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Corporate Scrotum Pouches
We can personalize pouches for your corporate / party gifts
by embossing your logo and / or text.
Printing area is 32 x 32mm (1 1/4 x 1 1/4inch).

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corporate scrotum pouches
Reference price, AUD, FOB Sydney
QuantityMedium pouchSmall coin purseLarge coin purse
250$15.00$28not available
500$14.00$25not available
1000$12.00$22not available

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Home / Order Page /Scrotum pouches 

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